LinkedIn Advertising

Linkedin often times is overlooked by advertisers despite having a 400 million user base. Linkedin offers the same demographic targeting as the other social media platforms.

Users on linkedin use it for hiring purposes, or to connect with business in their field, b2b or b2c. In order to get the right people to connect in the field users are encouraged to provide as much information on their profile like: Location, Education, Work Experience, Job title, years of experience. The more information on the profile, the more credibility a profile has.

So this means when we are running ads on Linkedin the information and data points is more readily available, allowing us to target very specific audiences of your interest.

Your advertising options are quite varied, allowing you to create ads for a variety of purposes. You can use it to hire new talent, become an industry leader, or to sell your company’s products or services to teams or management leaders who would benefit.


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