We are a data driven company, for us every click, every message, every engagement with your social media, every email is used for retargeting purposes.

Here we create customized ads for those who have previously visited the website, or have read about a specific service / product. It is rare to make a decision to buy a product for the first time you see something. It may need to be in the back of your mind for a while and you want to think a little before you are ready to make a purchase. Therefore, remarketing is usually really profitable because these ads appear as a reminder as the target audience is often ready to make a purchase or other type of conversion.

The retargeting will be used also when you have a new product or service to sell, you already have a base of clients that trust you and your brand. When we run ads for the new product or service the first audience we will test will be the clients we already have since those are most likely to purchase from you since they already have done that in the past. The retargeting is very useful for those that have seen your products before, they have visited the site, they have read on the product or service and the retargeting will be used as a reminder that they should visit the site once more to complete the purchase.


Our Selected projects.